Food industry

The main organization responsible for the development of food industry - Association of Food Industry. According to their data, the activity is carried out in two directions: construction of modern highly profitable enterprises and technology modernization of the exiting facilities.

The enterprises of the Food Industry of Turkmenistan turn out over 350 kinds of production meeting the world quality standards. Hence are numerous awards won by the Turkmen food industry at different international contests. The sector not only provides the country's population with the wide range of foodstuffs, but rapidly integrates into the external market by increasing its exports.

The experience of vegetable oil production in Turkmenistan can serve as a bright example. The Food Industry Association runs several such enterprises: oil extraction plants in Bairamali and Turkmenabat cities, oil expelling plants in Dashoguz and Kunyaurgench and Food Plant in Balkan province. These plants mainly produce cotton oil. Each of the enterprises has the capacity to process 50-400 tons of seed per day. Last year almost 400 thousand tons of cotton seeds was processed and 60 thousand tons of refined oil was turned out.

In the recent years, the enterprises have been able to start production of sesame, sunflower, soybean, olive, tomato, water melon and melon oils. All production possesses excellent taste qualities and numerous useful properties. Some types of production are exported to the USA, Russia, Great Britain, India, Hong Kong, Iran, Pakistan and other countries.

For more complete satisfaction of the consumer demand, a new vegetable oil manufacturing enterprise is to be commissioned in Ahal province soon. It is being fitted out with the highly technological equipment from the best world producers. The enterprise capacity will provide an opportunity to process 300 tons of seeds per day. The future production, no doubt, will meet the highest quality criteria. It will become another important step in the national program of achieving the full food security.

New agro-industrial processing facilities will be constructed in compliance with the best international practice and on the tender basis. For example, the plants and shops of the enterprises producing meat and dairy products will be amalgamated into the complexes and then the industrial zones. Thus, the costs for laying roads and engineering lines will be substantially cut. An industrial zone like this is being formed in the Ruhabat region in the Ahal province. The newly-built cotton seed processing plant is has started to work this October. A cattle breeding complex producing a variety of meat and dairy products will spring up nearby in two years. The new shops of the confectionary plant in Ruhabat will be constructed in the nearest future. Thus, a modern industrial zone specialized in producing a broad range of high-quality food products will spring up in the suburbs of the Turkmen capital.

In 2009-2010 five cattle breeding complexes supplied with modern equipment will be constructed throughout Turkmenistan. High-quality meat and dairy products will be produced in the Serdar region (Balkan province), the Kunya Urgench region and the Gorogly region (Dashoguz province). What is more important is that new enterprises will help to solve the problem of employment in the regions. Thousands of new jobs will be created at the new enterprises.Since getting of independence the radical changes happened in the food industry of Turkmenistan. The consumer market becomes more and more satiated with various kidns of high quality, ecologically safe foodstuffs. The population now is fully provided with meat and milk products, flour and flour products of domestic production. By the end of 2010, in Turkmenistan the task of food self-sufficiency will be resolved and some kinds of foodstuffs will be exported.

Next year the programmes on reconstruction of the Bayramali fat-and-oil works and the Turkmenabat oil mill will be launched. After reconstruction each enterprise is to raise the production capacity 150 ton up. These measures are to improve considerably the quality of the goods produced. The advanced cotton seed cleaning technologies will enable to produce deodorized salad oil and various kinds of margarine and mayonnaise. The tomato canning factory in Dashoguz will be reconstructed as well.



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