Textile industry

During the years since independence, the textile industry has become one of the rapidly developing branches of the national economy. Its main objectives are the improvement of cotton-fibre processing and the production of high quality cotton goods. At the beginning of the 1990s, only 3% of the harvested cotton fibre was being processed locally. By the year 2006, about 40% and in 2008 already 70% of Turkmenistan's harvested cotton fibre was being processed into finished products. Within the framework of the development program for the textile industry, tens of up-to-date textile plants and cotton-spinning and garment factories have been built costing a total of more than 1 billion US dollars.

An important contribution to this advance was the provision of preferential conditions for the running of enterprises: a number of textile enterprises a part of "economic zones for free enterprises".The introduction of new capacity in the textile industry allowed for the creation of more than 20.000 new jobs. This also made a positive contribution to the resolution of a socially significant issue - employment levels - and had wide implications.Silk reeling has also been developed as a branch of the textile industry. The latest techniques for the production of raw silk and silk thread were introduced at the Silk Production Association in Turkmenabat with the involvement of the Turkish company "Chalyk Holding". This raised the volume of cocoons processed and improved the quality of output.Interest in carpet weaving by hand, the most ancient art of the Turkmen people, has been revived.

Its rebirth is aimed at the restoration of this unique type of folk art, famous throughout the world. Carpet factories have mastered 150 new patterns, in addition to the ancient designs that are still in use. During 10 months of 2008, 50.000 square meters of Turkmen carpets were produced by carpet-makers at "Turkmenhaly" State Concern, the largest carpet producer, and till the end 60.000 square meters is expected.At the moment, share of textile industry in national economy compose 15%. Only in 2008 three new textile enterprises were inaugurated in Turkmenistan, including velvet factory in Akhal province, which will produce one million meters of printed and painted silk velvet of all colors annually. The cost of the factory is 28,75 million US dollars, and employ 550 people.The main organization - Ministry of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan. Contacts - (993 12) 40 70 34, 40 70 11.


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